The establishment of Post-Mining Reclamation Supervisory Commission that consist of the person with academic and professional background once giving people believe the devastated environment could be restored and repaired. However, people are curious on the performance of Post-Mining Reclamation Supervisory Commission of East Kalimantan because since established on 16 May 2016, there are no signs of a breakthrough that is expected to solve the issue of pit mine crisis in East Kalimantan.

Post-Mining Reclamation Supervisory Commission has an important role because they have legal authority to act and receive people’s report related to the criminal or civil case of mining reclamation. East Kalimantan Governor Regulation No. 53 Tahun 2015 Pasal 5 states that “the delivery of surveillance results to the competent authority regarding the monitoring result that indicated as a violation of law” is expected to be implemented by the public if there is a complaint to the Post-Mining Reclamation Supervisory Commission.

During this time, post-mining reclamation is abandoned for years, causing 24 casualties and no agency that is serious to resolve this issue. The pit mine terrors continue because there are 232 pits mine in Samarinda City and 632 pits throughout East Kalimantan have not been restored. This commission, instead, looks like its predecessor, Badan Lingkungan Hidup and Dinas Pertambangan Kaltim, who didn’t do anything against the mining company.

For all this time, post-mining reclamation is considered as lips service. There is no urgency for any country agency like Governor of Kaltim that only temporarily closed mining who violate the law. All the people want is permanent closing that followed by recovery and restoration of the natural function as before. People hope that this commission will work optimally and more serious on using its law authorities given.

Photo source: JATAM Kaltim