Community Management Area (CMA)

Community-Based Forest Management is proven to have positive impacts on good governance of forest and land. One of the efforts made by government is Indonesian Constitutional Court MK 35/2012 which stipulates that indigenous forests no longer belongs to state forest category, which means that communities have stronger rights to manage natural resources. However, practically, the CMA determination needs to be protected so there will be a firmness in resolving conflicts over tenure, the fulfilment of the people’s rights to land becomes definite and clear, so as to sustain the environment and improve the welfare of communities around the forest.

How SETAPAK helps?

  • Promote the rule of law and the rights of indigenous communities, and ensure policy to support the rights of indigenous peoples.
  • Encourage resolution of issues related to the rights of the CMA.
  • Encourage the expansion of the CMA through area zoning based on local wisdom and values by the local community.
  • Support the development of CBFM proposal for village forest, community plantation forest, and community forest.
  • Assist in developing related regulation and traditional institution that promote customary land rights.
  • SETAPAK’s partner in East Borneo legislates rules that clarify the rights of communities to vital water sources that threatened by nickel mining.
  • SETAPAK’s partner in North Borneo supports the development of formation legalization of Indigenous Affairs Management Agency.
  • SETAPAK’s partner in West Borneo working with the community to protect endangered forests by plantations and extractive industries.
  • SETAPAK’s partners in North Borneo and Aceh draft official rules for community forest area that has been submitted for approval policy certifier.