SETAPAK Partner Contributes in Pushing for Transformation of the Management for Forest and Land in 14 Provinces

Through the Forestival 4 meeting, representative of SETAPAK partners from 14 provinces accelerates fair and sustainable forestry and land management

Jakarta 30 October 2018 – As much as 130 representatives from 64 SETAPAK partners from multiple provinces gather in Jakarta to attend Forestival 4 which is a coordinated routine partner meeting done every year. This meeting in done as a mean to evaluate and synergize work programs and several movements and policies that support the repairs of forest and land management by prioritizing conservation, fairness, and equality.

Taking place on 30 October at Bidakara Hotel, Forestival 4 use the theme of “Transformation in Forest and Land Management in Indonesia” which brings the partners of the SETAPAK 2 program to share their findings and success stories from advocate work and campaign in the forest and land sector, it also discusses teamwork models that have been done with a number of Stakeholder in an effort to realize accountability and transparency in pushing for law enforcement, policy changes, justice, and gender equality, as well as discussing challenges faced in the field.

With their 64 partner who are public organizations from 14 provinces which is: Aceh, Riau, South Sumatra, West Sumatra, Bangka Belitung, Bengkulu, West Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, North Kalimantan, Central Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, Papua, West Papua, Jakarta, and Bogor, SETAPAK 2 program solidifies its role to:

  1. Push for fixing the forest and land management as an effort to slow down the pace of deforestation and land degradation.
  2. Increase transparency and accountability in the forest and land sector.
  3. Increase knowledge and understanding in the forest sector, and land use to a coordinated effort with public organizations in multiple areas to monitor government action in the permit giving process and policy changes.
  4. Help planning of campaign strategies and advocacy efforts to protect natural resources.
  5. Analyze data and information to advocate issues of budget abuse, gender, and government decision making in relation to natural resources.

Sandra Hamid as Country Representative The Asia Foundation (TAF) explains, “with our 64 partners, the SETAPAK 2 program continuously tries to strengthen the peoples capacity especially women in multiple provinces to realize transparent, accountable, participative forest and land management. Including realizing justice and equality in managing Indonesia’s natural resources.”

In his welcome speech, Peter Rajadiston as the Deputy Head of United Kingdom Climate Change Unit (UKCCU), appreciates the hard work done by the 64 partners of the SETAPAK 2 program in pushing for openness, law enforcement, gender equality, continuity in budget and finance, policy, and employing the people in terms of forest and land management.

In this Forestival 4 Lili Hasanuddin as the Program Director of SETAPAK 2, says that the achievements of the SETAPAK program and its partners are as follows:

  1. Create 239 policies in relation to Social Forestry Permit, Transparency, Area Planning (RTRW) and related policies, budgeting, conflict mediation policies, Moratorium, Traditional people’s rights, and others to fix Forest and Land Management.
  2. 16% of permits that violates rules have been removed nationally through Korsup Minerba (Coordinator and Supervision of the Mineral and Coal Sector)
  3. Contribute 13% to 1.72 million earnings in Social Forestry nationally. Where 222.385 hectares have been approved to be ran by citizens through various Social Forestry Plans, as well as 20 extra proposals to obtain Social Forestry Permit have been filed.

The SETAPAK 2 program also succeeds in pushing for empowering gender focal point by adding more “gender champions” to push for gender fairness as well as empowering CSO’s network in issues of gender and environment. Other steps taken are by working together with the government and creating programs focused on women.

After evaluating and consolidating several programs through synergy and collaboration between SETAPAK partners as well as stakeholders and policies in pushing to fix TKHL in Indonesia, in Forestival 4 SETAPAK accelerated several sectors. Such as empowering people, data collection, and giving opinions on protected areas through Social Forestry planning, push to create and implement more effective policies also to push for law enforcement related to concession permits. This accelerated effort is supported by efforts done together that helps all parties involved be that with the people or policy makers.

Different from other years, this Forestival is open to the public and introduces products from derived from the forest with the CSO, photo shoots, and publications related to problems in forest and land management in Indonesia and solutions offered by the people and stakeholders in an effort to realize a positive transformation in the forest and land sector.


About the SETAPAK Program

Since its inception in 2011 with the support of the UK Climate Change Unit (UKCCU), the Save the forest and land through repairs with management program (SETAPAK) The Asia Foundation believes that management of forestry and land is the key to build a sustainable forest sector that can spread the wealth among the people near the forest and conserving the environment. Besides decreasing gas emission to mitigate global warming, this program helps to decentralize forest and land management in Indonesia to ensure transparency and accountability in managing, protecting, and distributing the benefits of natural resources to reach a fair and equal economic growth.

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