JARI Borneo Barat criticized West Kalimantan Forestry Department on the use of 2016 budget. From JARI Borneo Barat analysis, it was found that budget allocation for food and beverages was bigger that budget allocation for social forestry, such as village forest, community forest, and community plantation forest.

Hairul Sani from Campaign and Data Division of JARI Borneo Barat, said that budget to achieve social forestry target of Department of Forestry Unit with 2.1 million ha was IDR 85.510.000.

The budget covered the activity of facility development and establisment of village forest was IDR 26.410.000, the activity of community forest development was IDR 27.220.000, and facilitation of development and establisment of community plantation forest was IDR 31.880.000.

“If we see from the budget amount on the total of SKPD of Department of Forestry, the budget allocation for social forestry is only around 0.27 %.” Said Hairul on the press release received, Thursday (1/12).

Compared to the budget allocation for food and beverages in Department of Forestry, the total budget, said Harul, was IDR 600.720.000. Covering IDR 407.765.000 for organization unit of Department of Forestry, IDR 59.455.000 for inventarization and forest mapping, and Land and Forest Fire Prevention unit for IDR 133.500.000.

“In other words, food and beverages spending of Department of Forestry is 4.7 % of the total budget. This means bigger that social forestry budget,” Hairul confirmed.

“This minimum budget allocated for social forestry shows that commitment of Kalbar Provincial Government is very low. Morover the achievement in 2016 was only 11.83 % or 265.5 thousand ha,” he added.