One afternoon in December 2016, SETAPAK team had a chat with Arie Kriting, the comedian at one of co-working spaces in Jakarta. While we were ordering drinks, Arie read some news and blog on the website, sometimes nodded his head, or just having deep thought looking at the window. The man whose full name is Satriaddin Maharinga Djongki then told us about his experience in getting involved in living environment issue since he was little.

“In my hometown, in the past, if we caught fish with poison or bomb, we would be cursed and neglected by the society. So if there are still people that use bomb and poison, parents would ordered not to follow those people, for they will die just like that or being poisoned.”

As an observer who was born and raised in Kendari, enrolled to a university in Malang, and now working in Jakarta, Arie has various interesting, intrigue, and reflective opinion.

“This made me think that if all area in big cities are green, the people would be confused because there is no infrastructure. Meanwhile in regional scale, the infrastructures are completed, but the green land is not available anymore.

In the middle of our discussion, we showed some most bitter facts related to forests and environment we gathered from various source, including SETAPAK partner. Arie’s reaction on those facts was varied from: sometimes wondering, upset, confuse, angry, until laughing outloud

“I think, this nature has own ability to repair itself. Recently, we did not give it any chance to repair itself.”

Without realizing, 3 hours have just passed and Arie had to go to another event. We finally dismissed the group before talking pictures together. The good news is that, our chit chats were recorded in the video and for Setapak’s. Prepare your hot coffee and pay attention to our warm conversation with Ari Kriting here.


Since 2011, Setapak programme has been fighting for a good land and forest governance (TKHL) in Indonesia. During the process, we met many parties (individual/organizational) in various regions/provinces with different characteristic, opinion, and aspiration. This is one of our stories with Arie Kriting, a talented comedian from Eastern Indonesia.