WALHI South Sumatra, LBH Palembang, and Palembang Women Solidarity

Fight for the People’s Land in South Sumatra

South Sumatra is one of the provinces in Indonesia that has a lot of land ownership conflicts caused by plantation, mining, and Industrial Timber Plantation (HTI) industries. Data from WALHI South Sumatra shows that the timber plantation industry has at least 1.564.493 ha of areas with potential conflicts and 1.010.054 ha of areas where people are affected by contamination and ecological crisis from the mining sector. Meanwhile, during 2018 there are 174 tenurial conflicts that have not been resolved or still in the process of being resolved

Cawang Gumilir hamlet, in Bumi Makmur village, Musi Rawas District is the example of areas that affected by land conflict in South Sumatra that has not been resolved since 2015. To this day, that case has led to the eviction of community to surrounding areas. To ensure the land conflict’s resolutions and provide justice for community to obtain the rights for managing their land, Civil Society Organization such as WALHI South Sumatra assist the community of Cawang Gumilir Hamlet to fight for their rights.

Besides civil organizations, women’s group also involved in solving land’s conflict in South Sumatra. Civil Organizations such as Women Solidarity (SP) Palembang and LBH Palembang encourage the women’s group to maximize their strategic role in an effort to resolve the social issues, but often get the refuses. In fact, women’s group is a very passionate in being involved to resolve the land conflict that happened in their area.