Jaringan Kerja Penyelamat Hutan Riau (Jikalahari) considers that discontinuation of Karhutla case by the local authority of Riau towards 15 Hutan Tanaman Industri (HTI) companies as the action violates the rule from Presiden Joko Widodo, Kapolri Jenderal Pol Badrodin Haiti, and his substitute, Jenderal Pol Tito Karnavian.

The local authority of Riau published an SP3 to those 15 corporations regarding Karhutla case in 2015. But then Kapolri Jenderal Tito Karnavian said that every local authority will not be allowed to publish SP3 regarding Karhutla case anymore.

“The presumption of Karhutla by corporations is not allowed to be given SP3 publication,” said Tito in The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan) headquarter, Jakarta, Wednesday (7/9).

Furthermore, Tito also said in order to publish an SP3 for Karhutla case, the local authority must first consult with Mabes Polri, so that Mabes Polri is able to conduct a designation case with Propam, Divkum, and LHK Ministry to decide whether the Karhutla case is worth of SP3 publication.

“We hope that from now on, SP3 for corporations regarding the presumption of Karhutla will not be published publicly (without involving Mabes Polri),” Tito explained.

What makes people more concerned is the fact that during first 100 days serving as Chief of the Local Authority of Riau, which had started since March 21st, 2016, Brigjen Pol. Supriyanto didn’t manage to retract the publication of SP3. On the other hand, Woro Supartinah as Jikalahari Coordinator said that Kapolri Badrodin Haiti had put out an instruction to resolve the Karhutla case, illegal logging, and illegal smuggling in Riau.

“Why hasn’t Kapolda Supriyanto revoked the discontinuation of Riau Karhutla case in 2015 where the 15 corporations are allegedly suspects? He has been serving for 100 days yet he hasn’t done anything about that issue,” Woro Supartinah asked.

In applying SP3 to Karhutla in 15 corporation areas last 2015, Local Authority of Riau reasoned that the areas had become objects of conflict between the corporations and local community. It turns out that the same concern has also been found in PT Adei case, but Local Authority of Riau still insisted on publishing SP3 to those 15 corporations. They said they didn’t find any pieces of evidence that led the corporations to become suspects of Karhutla.

Those 15 corporations are PT Bina Duta Laksana (HTI), OT Ruas Utama Jaya (HTI), PT Perawang Sukses Perkasa Indonesia (HTI), PT Suntara Gajah Pati (HTI), PT Dexter Perkasa Industru (HTI), PT Siak Raya Timber (HTI), PT Sumetara Riang Lestari (HTI), PT Bukit Raya Pelalawan (HTI), PT Hutani Sola Lestari, KUD Bina Jaya Langgam (HTI), PT Rimba Lazuardi (HTI), PT PAN United (HTI), PT Parawira (Perkebunan), PT Alam Sari Lestari (Perkebunan), and PT Riau Jaya Utama.

Since the SP3 has been published, Jenderal Pol. Tito Karnavian is very welcome to anyone who wants to appeal for objection and have evidence to file a pre-trial. “Since it’s a law product, then it can only be re-opened by another law product, which in this case is a pre-trial. Whoever wants to appeal for objection, you’re more than welcome to file for a pre-trial as long as you have evidence,” he explained.