Policy Development Copy

A good policy takes side on the society, which in its formulation society needs to be involved, starting from planning and designing policies, substantial, and implementation stages. In addition, society role in guarding and reviewing a policy needs to be discussed in the form of forums or consultation among stakeholders.

In developing policies, local governments often lack capacity on formulating and implementing policies to resolve forest and land use effectively. Also, society is rarely involved in the policy making process, thus the forum discussion, collaboration, and information exchange are needed to achieve equitable policies.

How SETAPAK helps?

  • Encouraging society involvement in policy-making processes.
  • Supporting the government in making policies and decisions based on the latest and most accurate data by considering long-term impact.
  • Encouraging transparency of entire process, from planning; development; implementation; up to monitoring.
  • Advocate policies by sending re-review of law, policy papers, and draft regulations.
  • Conducting advocacy and technical assistance to new policies that has been passed become law.
  • Strengthening the rule of law that is supported by Ministry of Environment and Forestry.
  • Campaigning government policies advocated by society through easy-access communication channels.