Throughout July 2016, there were so many media coverages around Land and Forest Fires (Kebakaran Hutan dan Lahan-Karhutla) issues, especially from online media channels. In case you haven’t noticed, some of the regions in Indonesia still had to go through Karhutla, which caused some damages and harms to people who live in the area of the fire.


Here are five interesting facts about Karhutla that becoming online media highlights during July 2016.

  1. 288 Hotspots Emerged in Sumatera and Kalimantan

Based on the watchlist of Lapan from Modis satellite with Terra Aqua Sensor from NASA, at least there were 288 hotspots detected until early of July 2016, with a low level of trust between 30%-79% and high level of trust with more than 80%. Sutopo Purwo, Head of Data Information and Public Relations Center BNPB, said that 245 out of 288 hotspots were located in Sumatera and the rest were located in Kalimantan. Most of those hotspots were intentionally made into a fire.

  1. Karhutla Task Force Keep Working during Idul Fitri and Lebaran Holiday

For Karhutla task force, there’s no such thing as a holiday, even when it was Eid Mubarak. In Riau, they keep working to extinguish the land and forest fires. The task force used an air tractor plane and helicopter MI-171 with water bombing to perform a check spot and they discovered some new land fires. According to Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, Head of Data Information and Public Relations Center BNPB, the fire extinguishing of land and air was carried out by BPBD, TNI, Polri, Damkar, with some help from the local community.

  1. 20% of Forest Fires in Riau were Located in Corporation Areas

Arsyadjuliandi Rachman, Governor of Riau, confirmed that 20% of Karhutla happened in last July were located in the corporation concessions. The local authority of Riau has been conducting an investigation against Karhutla analysis related lawlessness.

  1. 196 Villages in Kalbar were Prone to Karhutla

Cornelis, Governor of West Kalimantan, reported that 196 out of 1.977 villages in Kalbar are prone to Karhutla. Some of them are Teluk Empening, Teluk Bayur, and Teluk Bakung in Kubu Raya, also Batu Nanta in Melawi and Akcaya I in Sintang.

  1. 11 Corporations that were Involved in Karhutla Received SP3

The local authority of Riau has actually stopped handling the case of 11 corporations that became suspects of Karhutla in Riau. Jaringan Kerja Penyelamat Hutan Riau (Jikalahari) reported that those 11 corporations had already received Surat Perintah Penghentian Penyidikan (SP3). According to Woro Supartinah, Jikalahari Coordinator, all 11 corporations had been investigated since 2015, where 80% of their concession lands belonged to restoration map. The local authority of Riau has also confirmed that the 11 corporations had already received SP3, but surprisingly the High Prosecutor (Kejaksaan Tinggi) Riau had no single clue about that.