• The local women capacity must be strengthen to realize forest and planning that is gender fair, and realize fairness and equality in managing natural resources in Indonesia.
  • Local Champion from 10 provinces share experiences in “National Justice Warrior and Equality in Managing Natural Resources Meeting”

Jakarta 27 March 2018 – The Asia Foundation (TAF) with its partners through the SETAPAK II program has continuously made an effort to strengthen the people’s capacity including women in several provinces, to realize forest and land planning that is gender fair. Including realizing fair and equal management of natural resources in Indonesia.

“During this strengthening process, has emerged some potential community leaders that we hope will become the pioneer for community groups, especially groups who are vulnerable in gaining access and forest planning and fair land and conservation through policy reformation.” as said by Christopher Wyrod Deputy Country Representative (DCR) The Asia Foundation in his speech in the Forum “ National Justice and Equality Warriors in Managing Natural Resources Meeting” that took place today at Santika Hayam Wurk Hotel Jakarta.

Christopher also mentioned that there have been many local warriors from the result of the SETAPAK program, for example, Suminah in Tamiang (Aceh), Emilia in Ogar Ilir (South Sumatra), Wagini in Olak-Olak Kubu, West Kalimantan and many more.

“National Justice and Equality Warriors in Managing Natural Resources Meeting” is hoped to become a space for future women leaders with the support of the men, to increase capacity and share strategies related to advocacy in pushing for forest and land planning that is gender fair.

“Besides that this will be a forum of reflection and to share experiences between justice and equality warriors in defending their rights over natural resources in Indonesia”. Adds Christopher.

Other than creating a space for consultation between communities that facing challenges in defending natural resources in their environment. Including being a place for consolidation between warriors of natural resources at the community level to increase solidarity in pushing for fair forest and land planning.

“We hope this will create a national forum for justice and equality warriors in managing natural resources. This forum is hoped to have a “Communication Protocol” until a strong network is built in regions of Indonesia” said Christopher Wyrod in front of the attendees from various province and places Ministry of Environment & Forestry (KLHK) as well as Ministry of Woman Empowerment & Child Protection Services.

According to Christopher, these local champions posses strong dedication in helping to realize fair forest and land planning. He adds “Local Champion is not seen as a super hero usually described with extensive academic background, trained, and so on. But Local Champions have a commitment to equality in managing natural resources.”

Local Champion

Attendees of the national meeting will be comprised of the warriors (local champion), good characters be that women or men that have commitment, dreams, and experience that push for justice and equality in managing natural resources. Including access and planning through social forestry planning, legal guidance for communities when dealing with natural resources conflict; and many more advocacy agendas and campaigns in forest and land sector.

This national meeting has the theme of “Community Equality Warrior Pushing for Change for Fair and Equal Management of Natural Resources in Indonesia”. Showcases several Local Champion made up of men and women, as well as partners who are local organization involved in the forest and land sector. Followed by thematic discussion on several topics such as; Natural resources conflict and how community faces those challenges, Social Forestry, and management access for groups of women and traditional people society, strengthen policies rated to forest and land and protection for women groups, etc.



Since its inception in 2011, SETAPAK believes that good forest and land management is the key for conserving the environment and continuous growth for vulnerable groups. SETAPAK supports decentralization to ensure transparency and accountability in managing, protecting, as well as distributing benefits of continuous and fair natural resources. SETAPAK activities covers policy advocacy, legal guidance, conflict mediation, increasing capacity, and a gender first approach to achieve better transparency, accountability, participation, and coordination in forestry and land management. Supported by more than 68 partners that covers 10 provinces that includes regions where natural resources and land are at risk towards changes of proper land usage.


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