Policies in Forest and Land Governance in Indonesia

In encouraging governance that contributes to forest and land sustainability and justice for the community, the SETAPAK program and civil society organizations from various provinces in collaboration with the government, work to ensure the involvement of civil society in the process of formulating policies in a participatory, transparent and accountable manner

Policy Development

SETAPAKs work is underpinned by evidence based policy making and civil engagement, which are critical to good governance. With limited capacity and inadequate budget allocations, it can be difficult for local governments to formulate and implement policies that address land use and forestry issues effectively. As a result, SETAPAK is working to support governments to develop policies and decision making processes that are based on accurate and up-to-date data, consider long term impacts and sustainability, and encourage civil society involvement. Opening up debate to civil society will help to ensure that a full range of options, interests and implications are considered, and public scrutiny incentivizes transparent processes covering planning, development, implementation and monitoring.

How SETAPAK helps?

  • Encouraging society involvement in policy-making processes.
  • Supporting government to create policies and decisions that are based on the latest and most accurate data and which consider long-term impacts.
  • Encouraging transparency in the entire policy process, from planning, development and implementation, all the way up to monitoring.
  • Advocating improvement of policies through reviews of law, policy papers, and draft regulations.
  • Conducting advocacy and technical assistance to support new policies that have been passed into law
  • Strengthening the rule of law that is supported by Ministry of Environment and Forestry.
  • Campaigning government policies advocated by society through easy-access communication channels.


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